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Higher education is an area of search for a fine balance between achieving efficiency indicators and preserving the well-being of students, teachers and university staff. Changes in the educational environment, technological developments and new labor market demands make the search for this balance more and more difficult. How do different understandings of efficiency and well-being fit together? How are strategies to improve efficiency connected to well-being? How are the national higher education system and specific universities adapting to new demands for efficiency from external agents? How does the physical and psychological well-being of students change during their time at university? How do universities support students' physical and psychological well-being?

We propose to discuss these and other questions at the XV Anniversary International Conference of Higher Education. 

We are accepting submissions of papers on contemporary approaches to assessing efficiency and measuring well-being in universities, practices to improve efficiency and support well-being, and the relationship of these indicators to labor market entry strategies, career expectations and outcomes. We also accept submissions with research on the efficiency and well-being of university faculty, managers, and administrators. We also welcome applications for papers on higher education research in other areas. The Higher Education Research Open Track will be organized for these.

Place: 11 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, HSE University

Learn more about the topic and tracks of the conference here

  • April, 26

    Opening of applications

  • June, 15

    Deadline for receiving applications

  • August, 1

    Summarising the results of the review of applications

  • August, 1 - September, 15

    Registration of speakers

  • July, 1 - October, 21

    Registration of attendees

  • October, 23 - October, 25 - ICHE 2024


Hybrid Conference


Russian and English
Simultaneous Interpreting

YouTube and Zoom


  • Efficiency and well-being in university management 
    Which management practices in universities aim to promote efficiency and enhance well-being? How do well-being and efficiency narratives combine in university development programmes? How is well-being supported for different groups within universities, from students to administrative staff? How are well-being support programmes linked to university efficiency?

  • Labour market demands for effective universities 
    How do employers understand efficient university training? What kind of education provides the best chances for successful employment of graduates? How are students' educational strategies linked to their subsequent labor market outcomes and career trajectories?

  • Effective development of universal competences 
    Which universal competences are key to students' well-being? How to embed the assessment of universal competences into the educational process of universities? What approaches to measuring universal competences are optimal, given the need for informative feedback for subsequent formation and development? What practices of universal competences development show the greatest effectiveness? How is the development of universal competences perceived by employers? 

  • Psychological well-being of students and teachers 
    What are the factors of well-being and ill-being of students and lecturers at the university? How to monitor the level of students' well-being during their studies? How to identify risk groups with a low level of well-being and to work with them? How does the student experience shape students' psychological well-being? What practices to support physical and psychological well-being do modern universities offer?

  • Big data and learning analytics in efficiency and well-being research
    What sources of data about students and their experiences do universities have? How do universities use this data to inform management decisions? What alternative sources of data can be used in research on efficiency and well-being? 

  • The academic profession and academic personnel training
    How can the effectiveness of the postgraduate training system be determined? What interventions in the research training system enhance the well-being of academic staff? How is the psychological well-being of postgraduate students related to a successful scientific career? How do universities build effective systems of scientific productivity? 

  • Efficiency and well-being in extracurricular activities 
    How are students' patterns of engagement in extracurricular activities related to their educational outcomes and well-being? How does a modern university build an effective system of extracurricular activities? How does extracurricular engagement relate to educational and career trajectories? 

  • Open track 
    We also welcome submissions for higher education research papers in other areas. The Higher Education Research Open Track will be organized for these.

Our Partners

Programme Committee

Evgeniy Terentev

Director, Institute of Education

Nikita Smirnov

Research Intern, Centre of Sociology of Higher Education

Ksenia Vilkova

Junior Research Fellow, Centre of Sociology of Higher Education

Svetlana Zhuchkova

Junior Research Fellow, Centre of Sociology of Higher Education

Taras Pashchenko

Laboratory Head, Laboratory for Curriculum Design

Niyaz Gabdrakhmanov

Laboratory Head, Laboratory for University Development

Magdalena Alejandra Gaete Sepulveda

Laboratory Head, Laboratory for Reputation Management in Education

Inna Antipkina

Laboratory Head, Centre for Psychometrics and Measurement in Higher Education

Ksenia Tarasova

Director, Centre for Psychometrics and Measurement in Education

Organising Committee

Maksim Nikitin

Analyst, Institute of Education

Anna Polyanskaya

Manager, Institute of Education

Ekaterina Maslova

Research Intern, Laboratory for University Development

Alexandra Chentsova

Analyst, Laboratory for Curriculum Design

Yana Alekseeva

Research Intern, Laboratory for University Development

Маюкова Екатерина Владимировна

Research Intern, Centre of Sociology of Higher Education

Daniil Talov

Research Intern, Centre for Psychometrics and Measurement in Education

Денисов Илья Сергеевич

Analyst, Centre for Psychometrics and Measurement in Education


If you have any questions, please email rhec@hse.ru.

Nikita Smirnov

Research Intern, Centre of Sociology of Higher Education

Maksim Nikitin

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