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October 18, Thursday, Conference pre-launch day

National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow

11 Pokrovskiy Bulvar street, building «G»/ 5a Vorontsovo pole, Cultural center


Workshops and Seminars




Workshop: Project-oriented education


  •  Richard K. Miller, Olin College
    Olin College. Richard Miller
  • Ian Dunn, Coventry University 
    Coventry University. Ian Dunn
  • Kristina Edstrom, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology 
    SkolkovoTech-KTH. Kristina Edstrom

 Facilitator: D. Avdulova, Skolkovo foundation




Preliminary registration of conference participants

11 Pokrovskiy Bulvar street, building «G», 3 floor






Seminar: The Shanghai ranking of the world universities  

Moderator: Nian Cai Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Nian Cai Liu presentation (Jiao Tong University)

Facilitator: Taradina L.D., HSE 



Coffee break (G317)


room G 408

Round table «Profiles of universities on the media platforms: potential and limitations» (HSE and the RIA Novosti national news agency)

Moderator:  Natalia Turina, RIA Novosti

Facilitator: Taradina L.D., HSE



HSE, room G313

Workshop: Institutional research at universities

Moderator: Vladimir Briller, Pratt Institute 

Vladimir Briller presentation (Pratt Institute)

Facilitator: Mayorova O.A., HSE



HSE, room G411

Workshop on the international panel survey EUROSTUDENT

ES announcement

Moderator: Alexander Chvorostov, CEASS-Center at the IHS-Vienna

Facilitator: Smolentseva A.Y., HSE


Studentship studies: USSR (Public opinion project, 1987–1991) and EU experience (EUROSTUDENT project, since 1995)


  • Martin Unger(IHS-Vienna, EQUI group, Head of the Methodological group of EUROSTUDENT survey, national coordinator for Austria)

Major results and policy implications of the EUROSTUDENT survey for Austria and Germany 

  • Mihkel Nestor (“Praxis”, Estonia, Director of programme for education policies, EUROSTUDENT Coordinator for Estonia)

Estonian experience of the EUROSTUDENT project implementation, Wave 4: inputs, processes and outcomes

  • Osipov A.M., Ivanova V.A. (Novgorod State University)

 Students' lifestyle and health: regional trends study (2001–2011)

  • Bakirov V.S., Kizilov A.I. (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University)

Sociology as a higher education modernisation tool

  • Maloshonok N.G. (HSE)

Studying students involvement at Russian higher education institutions: experience and outlooks

Opponent: Konstantinovskiy D.L. (Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology – Centre of Sociology of Education)




Coffee break (G317)




HSE, room G313

Participant universities meeting: STUDENTS' PATHWAYS project

Moderator: Chirikov I.S., HSE

Facilitator: Mayorova O.A., HSE




HSE, room



Open talks on the international panel survey EUROSTUDENT

 Facilitator:  Smolentseva A.Y., HSE

  • Dominic Orr, Martin Unger (HIS–Institute for Research on Higher Education)

Social dimension of higher education in Europe: review and main outcomes of four waves of the international EUROSTUDENT survey (1995–2011) 

  • Anatoly Ovsiannikov (Moscow International University), David Rotman (Belarus State University), Alexander Iudin (N. Novgorod State University) – coordinators of the former USSR Public opinion project, run by the former Soviet Ministry for Higher Education in 1987–1991

Operational experience of the programme Public opinion, implemented by theUSSR State Committee for Education in Soviet higher education institutions,1987–1991




HSE, room


Round table: "The research of universities: strategies and potential"(by invitation-only)

Moderator: Irina Karelina, HSE

 Facilitator: Elena Kirilenko, HSE




October 19, Friday, Conference Day 1

National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow

11 Pokrovskiy Bulvar street, building «G»/ 5a Vorontsovo pole, Cultural center


09.00-09.45  Registration of the conference participants (5a Vorontsovo pole, Cultural center)

09.45-10.00  Co-chairs of Programme committee Maria Yudkevich, Isak Froumin

Large hall of the cultural center

10.00-10.30  National Research University Higher School of Economic and the New Economic School - twenty years on

Presentations by the HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov and NES Prorector Konstantin Sonin

Large hall of the cultural center


10.30-12.30   Plenary session 1:

Large  hall of the cultural center


Research universities across the world: the roads to academic excellence

Moderator: Jamil Salmi, World Bank


  • George R. Blumenthal, University of California in Santa Cruz, Chancellor (USA)

        George R. Blumenthal presentation (Presentation)

  • Kristian Thorn, Aarhus University, Deputy Director (Denmark)

         Kristian Thorn presentation (Aarhus University)

  • Evripides Stefanou, University of Crete, Rector (Greece)

        Evripides Stefanou presentation (University of Crete)

  • Lin Shangli, Fudan university, Vice-President (China)

        Lin Shangli presentation (Fudan University)

12.45-13.15  Coffee break (G408)



Hall № 2 of the cultural center


The meeting of the Ministry of Education and Science with the rectors of foreign universities: Russian “competitiveNESS performance initiative”: risks and new approaches based on international experience (by invitation-only)



13.15-14.45     Section meetings (1–2–3–4–5)

Room G313

Section 1. Academic profession and contracts in universities

Moderator: Laura Rumbley, Boston College, USA

  • Martin Finkelstein (Seton Hall University)

The emergence of a global academic profession?

         Martin Finkelstein and William Cummings presentation (Seton Hall Univ, George Washington Univ)

  • Hugo Horta (Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research IN+/IST)

Inbreds, silver-corded, adherents, their scientific productivity and information exchange dynamics: the case of Portugal

         Hugo Horta presentation (Technical University of Lisbon)

  • Qim Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Career opportunities and challenges for young faculty in Chinese research universities

        Qi Wang presentation (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Language: English (simultaneous translation is provided)

Room G411


Section 2. Internationalisation of higher education and strategies of research universities   

Moderator: Benjamin E. Lind, HSE

  • Jandhyala B G Tilak (National University of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi, India)

Internationalisation of higher education: how is India doing?

  • Leandro R. Tessler (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Unicamp)

Strategies for internationalisation of a Brazilian research university: the case of Unicamp

  • Sokolov M.M. (European University at St. Petersburg)

Assimilationist/isolationist debates in the Russian academic policies and the National Research Universities experiment

  • Rene Lenz (University Erfurt)

The German-Russian academic cooperation and social science networks

Language: English (simultaneous translation is provided)


Room G310




Section 3. The role of universities in regional and global development

Moderator: Boris Zhelezov, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

  • Gusev A.N. (Skolkovo Moscow School of Management)

Network interactions of federal universities: foreign best practices and Russian prospects

  • Grudzinskiy A.O., Bedny A.B. (Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod)

Raising innovators as a major task of the leading universities

  • Demidova O.A., Trubnikova A. V.  (HSE)

Influence of humanities on the social trust level: comparative econometric analysis

Room G311


Section 4. «Old» new universities: mergers, acquisitions and radical changes at universities

Moderator: Yevgeniy Knyazev, HSE

  • Svein Kyvik,  Bjorn Stensaker (NIFU – Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education)

Restructuring the Norwegian higher education system – why are mergers so difficult?

  • Kristina Edstrom (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)

Organisational gravity: strategies for sustainable educational development

  • Chirikov I.S., Pavlutkin I.V. (HSE)

Going world-class through merger: how the state affects identity formation in Russian flagship universities 

          Chirikov I.S., Pavlutkin I.V. presentation (HSE)

Room G308


Section 5. Students' pathways and achievements at university

Moderator: Zarema Kasabieva, New Economic School

  • Panova A.A (HSE)

New admission rules and mobility of graduates

  • Nathov T.V. (HSE)

The impact of the Unified Standard Examination on student strategies

  • Androushchak G.V., Prudnikova A.E. (HSE)

Economic output of higher engineering education in Russia

  • Podolskiy O.A. (HSE)

Final evaluation of Bachelors' academic achievements: first steps in the FBE appraisal

14.45-15.15     Coffee break (G408)

15.30-18.30    The second coordination meeting of national and international experts of student syrvey organization "EUROSTUDENT-NIS" (G317)

                        (by invitation only)

16.30-17.00     Coffee break for coordination meeting experts (G408)

15.30-17.30    Plenary session 2:

Large  hall of the cultural center


Research universities across the world: paths to academic excellence

Moderator: Kathryn Mohrman, Arizona State University, School of Public Affairs


  • Joseph J.Y. Sung, Chinese University of Hong Kong, President (Hong Kong)

        Joseph J.Y. Sung presentation (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

  • Martin Paul, Maastricht University, President (Netherlands)
  • Davide Bassi, University of Trento, Rector (Italy)
  • Nigel Thrift, University of Warwick, Vice Chancellor (Great Britain)

        Nigel Thrift presentation (University of Warwick)

  • Yutaka Tsujinaka, University of Tsukuba, Vice-President (Japan)

        Yutaka Tsujinaka presentation (University of Tsukuba)



Small  hall

of the cultural center


Books presentation

Moderators: Maria Yudkevich, Jamil Salmi

– The Road to Academic Excellence: The Making of World-Class Research Universities. Edited by Philip G. Altbach and Jamil Salmi. Washington: World Bank, 2011 (Russian edition: Moscow, 2012);

– Paying the Professoriate: A Global Comparison of Compensation and Contracts. Edited by Philip G. Altbach, Liz Reisberg, Maria Yudkevich, Gregory Androushchak, Ivan F. Pacheco. London: Routledge, 2012 (Russian edition: Moscow, 2012). 

I.Froumin - Chapter 10 - The Road to Acad Excellence


19.00                    Banquet for the conference speakers (Hall №1 of the Cultural center)


October 20, Saturday, Conference Day 2

National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow

11 Pokrovskiy Bulvar street, building «G»/ 5a Vorontsovo pole, Culture center

09.00-10.00  Registration of the conference participants ( 5a Vorontsovo pole, Culture center)


10.00-12.00         Plenary session 3

Large  hall of the cultural center


Research universities across the world: paths to academic excellence

Moderator: Maria Yudkevich, HSE


  • John Shattuck, (Hungary)
  • Richard K. Miller , Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, President (USA) 
         Richard K. Miller presentation (Olin College of Engineerina)
  • Josep Joan Moreso, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, President (Spain)

        Josep Joan Moreso presentation (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

  • Abdullah Atalar, Bilkent University, President (Turkey)
  • Martin Henson, University of Essex, Dean of International Development  (Great Britain)

        Martin Henson presentation (Martin Henson)


12.00-12.30         Coffee break (Hall №2of the cultural center)


12.30-14.00         Conference Round table

Large  hall of the cultural center


Plenary round table “The Birth and Revival of Universities”

Moderator: Isak Froumin, HSE

  • Simon Donoghue, University of Leads (Great Britain)
  • Vladimir Briller, Pratt Institute (USA)

        Vladimir Briller presentation (Pratt Institute)

  • Nian Cai Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)

        Nian Cai Liu presentation (Jiao Tong University)

  • Jamil Salmi, World Bank
  • Kathryn Mohrman, Arisona State University (USA)
  • Oleg Kharkhordin  (Rector the EUSP, Professor, Department of Political Science and Sociology)

14.15-15.15         Coffee break (G408)


Room G313

Rectors' meeting: Fast-track and successful: How do young universities create their brand?(by invitation only)

15.15-16.45         Section meetings (6–7–8–9–10)

Room G317

Section 6. Measuring the university performance: models and practices of evaluation and ranking

Moderator: Nadezhda Titova, Higher School of Economics

  • Sinitsyna A.I. (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia)

Employer evaluations of graduate students' readiness for professional careers in the educational sector as a factor of changes in academic content development for future generations of education professionals

  • Bershadskaya M.D. (HSE)

Russian higher education institutions in the world educational space: the "Webometrics" ranking (2007–2012)

  • Esin S.V. (IBS)

Evaluation and improvement of the university management system based on the key performance indicators

  • Strogetskaya E.V. (Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI)

University rankings based on the organisational development assessment

Room G308

Section 7. Changing the academic profession in a changing world

Moderator: Mikhail Sokolov, European University at St. Petersburg

  • Bogdanova M.V., Bakshtanovsky V.I. (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University)

Institutionalisation of professorial ethics in the modern university prospects

  • Levina T.V. (HSE)

Philosophy in University: on the status of philosophical theory in the context of the Russian academic policy in the XIX – XX centuries

  • Vaizer T.V. (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)

Communicative model of the teaching process: American and European universities practices and experiences

  • Zhukovskaya T.N. (Saint Petersburg State University)

Peregrinatio academica: Russian student internships for professorial training in European universities, 1807–1863 

Room G411











Section 8. The cases and research of innovative ideas and practices in the creation and development of new universities

Moderator: Barbara Kehm, INCHER-Kassel

  • Barbara Kehm (International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel, INCHER-Kassel)

What is the idea of the XXI century University?

  • Vladimir Briller (Pratt Institute)

Institutional change, leadership and strategic planning: the Pratt Institute case study 

 Vladimir Briller Presentation (Pratt Institute)

  • Dyachkova E.A. (HSE)

Endowment funds in the education sector: review of practical experienceover the first 5 years in Russia

  • Leshukov O.V., Lisyutkin M.A., Semenov D.S. (HSE)

Design of the regional university network: the case of Moscow


Room G311



Section 9. New studies on students' achievements and educational pathways

Moderator: Panov A.A., the Vedomosti newspaper

  • Yudkevich M.M. , Prahov I.A., Ampilogov A.I. (HSE)

One or many? Using the new opportunities of the Unified State Exam

  • Peresetsky A.A. (HSE)

Russian USE and olympiads as instruments for university admission selection 

  • Popov S.V. (HSE)

The scholarly benefits of physical fitness 

  • Piskunova E.V. (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia)

The university graduate student competence model: development issues

Room G310


Section 10. Innovations and successful practices of universities ans community interaction 

Moderator: Zinkovskiy K. V. HSE

  • Sandler D. G. (Ural Federal University)

Ural Federal University^ the integration of diversity based on the development values

  • Safronov R.O. (St. Tikhon's Orthodox University)

University as a translator of socially significant values

  • Kalyuzhnova N.Y. (Irkutsk State University)

Competitiveness of regions: effective interactions between the universities and local communities


16.45-17.15         Coffee break (G408)

17.15-18.45         Section meetings (11–12–13)

Room G317

Section 11. International institutional cooperation and its role in the development of universities

Moderator: Sergei Yakovlev, HSE

  • Anatoly Oleksiyenko (University of Hong Kong)

Comparing the international collaboration strategies of research universities in Russia and China

  • Safonova M.A. (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)

Academic empires: colonial legacies and the international system of academic mobility and collaboration

  • Zusman V.G., Gronskaya N.E. (HSE – NN)

Institutionalisation of the international co-operation between the higher education institutions: cultural and language centres in the structure of universities

  • Yakovlev S.M. (HSE)

The case of ICEF HSE establishment and development: experience and lessons gained 

Yakovlev S.M. presentation (HSE)

Room G308

Section 12. The role of universities in regional development

Moderator: Irina Abankina, HSE

  • Bakirov V.S. (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University)

Modernisation of higher education: Ukrainian experience

  • Mashkina O.A. (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

The 100 top Chinese universities: the mission in the reforms of the higher education institutions

  • Filatova L.M., Nikolaenko E.A., Abankina I.V., Abankina T.V. (HSE)

Regional effects of changing trends in social demand for higher education

  • Shmurygina O.V. (Russian State Pedagogical University, Irkutsk)

Higher school in the network of society

Room G311


Section 13. Universities of the future: new universities’ positioning in a changing world 

Moderator:Valeriy Efimov, Siberian Federal University

  • Efimov V.S. (Siberian Federal University)

The future of higher school in Russia: trends, scenarios, universities mission and functions transformation. Outlook 2030.

  • Lapteva A.V. (Siberian Federal University)

The future of higher school in Russia: advanced technology of education, research and innovation. Outlook 2030.

  • Smirnov S.A. (Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management)

New anthropological trends and anthropological projects as a frame for future education

  • Tuzikov A.R. (Kazan National Research Technological University)

Innovative education in Russian regional technological universities: criteria and social demand issues

17.00-18.30         Public meeting of the Board of the Higher Education Researchers Association

Room 411